AEON strictly continues COVID-19 prevention practice among customers and staff

As the situation of the pandemic in Cambodia is still unstable and number of cases continue to increase, AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd known as General Merchandise Stores, continues to strictly practice the COVID-19 prevention procedures set by the Ministry of Health among its customers and staff.

“We have been working closely with all relevant parties to ensure our customers and staff safety. All customers and staff must wear mask before entering our stores. Around the stores have been strictly implemented COVID-19 prevention measures set by the Ministry of Health, such as setting up temperature check at each entrance, supplying alcohol or hand sanitizer at necessary areas, arranging social distancing at crowded area,” said Keiji Ono, Managing Director of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. 

“When there are lots of customers in our store, our staff encourage them to line up and keep social distancing while queuing,” Sophally Yim, AEON Phnom Penh Store Manager added. 

The company always focuses on customers’ safety and convenience as our top priority. Due to this principle, our AEON Online shopping platform has been widely introduced to customers. “I strongly encourage our customers to purchase via AEON Online as it is easy, convenience and safe. On our platform, there are up to 20, 000 products on various categories, such as household, apparel, food, electronic and many more that can fulfill customers’ needs with a fast delivery service and suitable price,” said Ratheany Seng, Ecommerce Business General Manager.

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Stay Safe, Keep Hygiene!
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24 Local NGOs Received Donation from AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign

On 11th January 2022, AEON (CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD donated nearly 7, 000 USD from its own Yellow Receipt Campaign in 2021 to 24 local NGOs, such as Nature Save Cambodia​ (NSC), Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia​​ (PNC), Sipar, Mith Samlanh, Cambodia Students and Children Fund, Cambodia Childern Against Starvation and Violence (CCASVA), Sacrifice Families and Orphans Development Association (SFODA), Hope of Children, Pay It Forward​ Organization, Friend International, Douleurs Sans Frontier’s Organization, Center for childern’s Happiness (CCH)​​​, Future light Organization (FLO), Dream Girl Project (NPO), Cambodia Childern Fund (CCF), Donbosco Foundation of Cambodia, Transcltural psychosocial organization (TPO), IL Nodo international organization (ILNODO), Andong Center street to school, Sophia Univiersity asia center for research and human development, Oprhan disable youth and poor women training organization, Japan Heart​, Smile Cambodia, Cambodia International Education Support Foundation(CIESF).

AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign happens on every 11th of each month. Customers who purchase at AEON Phnom Penh Store, AEON Sen Sok City store and AEON MaxValu Stores can put their receipt (Yellow One) in the Yellow Receipt box at each store where they can choose their preferred NGOs. AEON will donate 1% of total amount that customers purchase to local NGOs based on actual receipt received from each box.

AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign aims to encourage customers to participate more in social events and promote the culture of sharing in society, said Mr. Seko Tsugutoshi, Managing Director of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. Mr. Seko also stated that this campaign first started in 2016 with 7 NGOs only, until now, there are dramatically increased to 24 NGOs that have participated and received donation from this campaign. Additionally, this campaign is aligned with AEON’s principle that not only focus on its own business but also pays high attention in participating and minimizing social issues. Through this campaign, AEON (CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD will contribute more to deal with various social issues both in present and future while focusing on its business growth.

Mr. Seko Tsugutoshi, Managing Director of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd

Friends International first joined with AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign 6 years ago, since the first initiative of this campaign, said Mr. Phoung Tola, a representative of Friends International. He also took this great opportunity to thanks to AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd for a strong support of Friends International as well as other social events that have play crucial role in business operation and success.

Mr. Phoung Tola, a representative of Friends International

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DAISO Japan (everything’s only 1.9$) opens its 5th branch at K Mall Veng Sreng

On 05th November 2021, DAISO Japan, a Japanese convenience store opens its 5th branch at K Mall Veng Sreng, Phnom Penh. On the occasion of this new store opening, 5$ gift voucher has been granted to the first 150 customers for every purchase of five items above.

DAISO Japan is a Japanese convenience store which has various types of products ranging from household, stationery, kitchen, decoration and many more. This new branch is nicely designed with big space that can fulfill all kind of products; especially, Japanese products; said Mr. Hiroki Tsukahara, DAISO Japan General Manager.

Mr. Hiroki Tsukahara strongly believes that DAISO Japan will positively contribute to people’s living standard in Veng Sreng area as well as surrounding area through high quality, standard and great service provided to every customer.

It should be noted that this is the 5th branch of DAISO Japan. The other four branches are:

1st branch: AEON Mall Phnom Penh, 1st floor (St. Sothearous, Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.)

2nd branch: AEON Mall Sen Sok City, 1st floor (Kakap village, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.)

3rd branch: AEON MaxValu Russey Keo (St. 598, Borey Penghout, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh.)

4th branch: AEON MaxValu Toul Kork (St. 315, Sangkat Boeung Kork 2, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.)

5th branch: K Mall supermarket (Veng Sreng Blvd, Phnom Penh.)

If you want to find many different types of products with a very great price, 1.9$ ONLY for everything, then DAISO Japan is the best choice for you.

DAISO Japan looks forward to warm welcoming every customer with smile.

More info:
Phone: 096 454 5764
Email: [email protected]

Link: http://plus.freshnewsasia.com/index.php/en/freshnewsplus/218774-2021-11-05-07-20-23.html

Welcome to new look of AEON Online Website

With the growth of demand and more support from customers to purchase via online during this pandemic era, AEON Online has developed and updated its new interface which has been launched on 10th October 2021 to fulfill customers’ needs and experience in shopping more than 10 000 SKUs on the platform.

On this occasion of launching, customers will get many special offers such as free and fast delivery for every purchase from 20$ by using promo code “AEONMARKETPLACE” with 3$ value. On the other hand, this platform is also a place which allows partners and other companies to sell their products as well as services.

In addition, customers will receive many special discounts on many products; especially, daily usage item that is an AEON’s private brand, such as Home Coordy, iC and TopValu.

This website has been developed using the latest technology with a faster speed, safe, more functions, and clear product photo to fulfill customers’ need.

AEON Online has been created since 2019 by AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. Currently, AEON Online has been expanding by introducing its new look of the new platform and the process of developing its own Mobile Application (App) in the near future to make it more convenience for customers.

To explore this new website interface, go to www.aeononlineshopping.com

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Donation of COVID-19 Vaccination Support Funds to the Government of Cambodia

As part of its efforts to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure “safety and security” for everyone in Cambodia, 4 AEON Group companies operating in Cambodia(AEON (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD., AEON MALL (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD., AEON SPECIALIZED BANK (CAMBODIA) PLC., and BRANCH OF AEON DELIGHT (VIETNAM) COMPANY LIMITED)have made a donation of 50 Million Yen (Approximately 454,545 USD) to support the Royal Government of Cambodia in its COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

AEON Japan has announced its donation in total 350 million Yen to support the Governments of Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia in ASEAN community in COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

In Cambodia, COVID-19 vaccination coverage is more leading than other ASEAN countries, but the spread of COVID-19 remains in an alarming situation. The donation of this funding is particularly aimed to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination campaign which plays a crucial role in disease control and economic recovery in Cambodia.

This donation is contributed by Japan AEON Group Companies, namely AEON Co., Ltd., AEON MALL Co., Ltd., AEON Financial Services Co., Ltd., AEON Delight Co., Ltd., and from AEON 1% Club Foundation.

Based on the AEON Basic Principles of “Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer’s point of view as its core”, AEON Group will continue to make collective efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic in order to restore security and peace in the daily lives of local communities.

For your information
Number of Stores and Business Establishments in Each Country that Receive Donation
(As of the end of February 2021)

 AEON Delight Co., Ltd. has 14 offices in total, including 1 in Malaysia, 2 in Vietnam, 10 in Indonesia, and 1 in Cambodia.

GMS:General Merchandise Store
DS:Discount Store

AEON is to Use Biodegradable Plastic Bags for the First Time in the Kingdom

AEON has just announced a new initiative to help protect the environment, allowing their customers to use biodegradable plastic bags at checkout counter at both of its stores (AEON Phnom Penh & AEON Sen Sok City) and all AEON MaxValu branches. The material is made by adding P-Life “biodegradable plastic additive”. It is based upon oxo-biodegradable technology. It will degrade, on the presence of oxygen, micro-organisms, moisture, and soil which is safe and will help the fight in reducing plastic waste. AEON strongly encourages customers shopping at its stores to reduce plastic waste by starting to use the Eco bag or biodegradable plastic bag for a better environment. This biodegradable plastic bag will be officially in use from January 11th, 2021 across all the AEON stores.

Mr. Keiji Ono, Managing Director of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd stated that environmental issues are everyone’s problem and require all relevant parties’ attention. AEON has been actively involved in various activity to protect the environment; an announcement to use biodegradable plastic bag this time, is a clear example. In addition, he also mentioned that this initiative will play a crucial role in spreading environmental message to customers and publicity. Moreover, he strongly encourages all customers shopping with AEON, using eco bag or biodegradable plastic bag instead for a better environment.

AEON supermarket (General Merchandise Store) has been created by AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd, operating its business in various categories, such as grocery, food, apparel, electronic items, home appliances and many more at both AEON Malls. In addition, AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd also operates small supermarkets namely AEON MaxValu (15 branches), Home Coordy, an AEON’s Private Home Fashion Brand, and many AEON’s private products (TOPVALU) to serve customers’ needs and increase people’s living standard in the region. Customers can also make an order of more than 20, 000 products conveniently and easily via AEON Online at https://aeononlineshopping.com/

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2nd branch of AEON’s private home fashion brand “HÓME CÓORDY”​ will be opened in October at AEON Sen Sok City

Because of the support of our customers and the success of the first store at AEON Phnom Penh, HÓME CÓORDY specialty store will soon be open a second branch at AEON Sen Sok City. 

Mr. HIROKI TSUKAHARA, Senior General Manager stated that HÓME CÓORDY specialty store 2nd branch will be opened to serve customers from the 23rd October 2020 onwards. This new branch will have a variety of Home Fashion items for the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom with Japanese quality at affordable prices.

Even more special, the second branch will have many special items that are exclusive to AEON Sen Sok City branch only. Finally, Mr. HIROKI TSUKAHARA believes that HÓME CÓORDY will contribute to the lifestyle of every customer in Cambodia with high quality, fashionable, affordable products with a warm service.

HÓME CÓORDY is AEON’s Private Home Fashion Brand. Its special characteristics are: 

  1. Simple design
  2. Japanese Quality
  3. Multi-functional
  4. Coordination 

We are looking forward to warmly welcoming all customers to HÓME CÓORDY.

More info:
Phone: 023 988 580

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Instagram: home_coordy_cambodia