AEON Cambodia
Private Brands

AEON’s private brands are well-known for its strict quality standards control, reasonable price, environmental friendly focus, and product variety of choices for customers. Those brands are TopValu, Home Coordy, iC Innercasual that have different categories, such as food, apparel, home fashion and more.


TOPVALU is an AEON’s global flagship private brand; initially launched in 1994, developed in collaboration with AEON’s customers and AEON’s strict quality standards with the philosophy “to make customer’s daily lives more enjoyable.” TOPVALU quickly became the leading private brand in Japan in both sales and customer loyalty that is always with customer voices at […]

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HÓME CÓORDY is an AEON’s private home fashion brand which has a full line of home fashion products, ranging from dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with simple design, Japan quality and affordable price. With its simple, standard, timeless design, HÓME CÓORDY uses the basic colors of white, blue, and grey, to create […]

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iC Innercasual iC Innercasual

iC Innercasual first entered Cambodia in 2021 where its first store located at AEON Phnom Penh, 1st floor. It is well-known for its two main special functions, Peace Fit and Body Switch. There are three specific types of Peace Fit functions that suitable for different kinds of people. First, it is called Peace Fit Silky […]

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iC Innercasual