HÓME CÓORDY Week Special Offers


Home Coordy is AEON’s private brand for home fashion, has organized its quarterly special discount week namely Home Coordy Week from 06th to 19th, November 2023 at the three Home Coordy stores, AEON Phnom Penh, AEON Sen Sok and AEON Mean Chey. Customers can enjoy a very special offer up to 50% off (On selected items) and have chance to win many prizes.

✨Enjoy with special offers up to 50% off from Home Coordy on many products.

🛒Every purchase from 10$ per receipt on Home Coordy product customers will get one hand soft towel for the first 50 customers only.

🛒Every purchase from 20$ per receipt will get one Eco Bag for the first 50 customers.

🛒Every purchase from 30$ per receipt will get 5$ voucher for the first 50 customers (Note: For Home Coordy voucher except use on 17th-19th)

🛒The customers can exchange gifts from cashier’s 2nd floor at AEON Phnom Penh and AEON Sen Sok, For AEON Mean Chey get from cashiers at ground floor.

Don’t forget and come to visit us with many offers.

Thank you for shopping with AEON!