AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. Visit to School Building and Tree Planting at Phnom Tamao Zoo Park in Takeo Province


AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. management and staff visit the school building through the AEON 1% Club Foundation and tree planting at Phnom Tamao Zoo in Takeo Province.


On the morning of October 21, 2023, the management and staff of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. visited a 5-room school building in Kith Meng Prasat Secondary School, Bati District, Takeo Province through a charity program (AEON 1% Club Foundation) by bringing some study materials and gifts to 800 students and 35 teachers. In addition, the management and staff of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. also organized fun activities with students, such as a Japanese origami program and teaching some Japanese words.


On that occasion, the management and staff of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. also inspected the tree planting site at Phnom Tamao Zoo Park, which the company has sponsored in the past from 2015 to 2017, about 21,000 trees.


It should be noted that AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. has sponsored school buildings as well as many other charitable activities in Cambodia and Southeast Asia, such as the construction of school buildings, tree planting, museum construction in Siem Reap (Norodom Sihanouk Angkor) Center. People with disabilities (in Battambang) provide scholarships to students digging water wells Teenage Ambassador Clean & Green Day, Food Bank. The school building in Takeo is the 151st school building sponsored by the AEON 1% Club Foundation in Cambodia. The participation of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. in various charitable activities and social activities is to contribute to the promotion of social development and human resources in Cambodia as a whole.


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