TOPVALU Green Week Special Offer


TOPVALU Green Week Let’s make the future by choosing TOPVALU!

To celebrate eco-friendly living our AEON Private Brand TOPVALU has a special offer 20% off on selected Recycle fabric and Organic Cotton items.

This promotion starts from 22nd to 31st March 2024.

Located at:

AEON Phnom Penh Store at 1st Floor Normal Counter

AEON Sen Sok City Store at 1st Floor Near Customer Service

AEON Mean Chey Store at 1st Floor Sitting Area Near Kid Republic

The choices we make in our daily lives, connect them to the future.

*Let’s make the future by choosing TOPVALU*

Why Go Green with TOPVALU?

Various problems surround the earth in our busy lives, how can we pay attention to earth?

  • Recycled Fabric: TOPVALU aims to realize a sustainable society by carrying out activities that take into consideration the environment of the entire planet.
  • Organic Cotton: It refers to cotton grown on farmland where pesticides and chemical fertilizers have not been used for at least three years. It is also a “human- and earth-friendly” material that takes into consideration the health and safety of the people who produce it.

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