Moon Cake Festival Promotion 2023


Moon Festival is approaching, are you all looking for moon cake?

Save more by making pre-order of Moon Cake from AEON!


To celebrate the Moon Cake Festival, we have a discount for customers who have pre-ordered all kinds of moon cakes.

Customers who pre-order moon cake from $ 30 in the store will receive a 5% discount.

Customers who pre-order moon cake from $ 30 through AEON Online will receive a 5% discount and free delivery.


This offer starts from 28th August to 27th September 2023.

there are famous bakeries such as Apsara Bakery, Benheny Bakery, Taiwan Bakery, Vicheit Buthtra Bakery And a Heng Seng Muiy Bakery.

Remark: The discount above does not include Apsara Bakery.

Conditions for pre-order in store

  • For every pre-order from 30$ up
  • Customers can pick up items after 1 day of making pre-orders at moon cake event area

Pre-order now at AEON Online

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