Nationwide Delivery sets to launch on 1st May 2022, delivering to all provinces & capital cities; except Mondulkiri and Stung Treng.

Customers now at the province can purchase Aeon products safely and conveniently without having to travel to existing store. You can rest assured; we’ll deliver items to your doorstep directly within next working days.

We aim to deliver ACCESSIBILITY & SAFETY with extensive products of over 10,000 products, ranging from foods to clothes and to home furniture in meeting our customers’ needs & wants.

Customers can enjoy special promotion with Free Delivery from 1st until 31 May 2022. (ordered until 0:00am).

The Nationwide Delivery service is another AEON’s new initiative to shrinking people living standard at countryside and in the city. “We aim to bring new shopping experience to all people living at provinces across the kingdom, making them feel more convenience and safe. The world is changing at a dizzying pace. We still have glitches and imperfections, but we are listening to our users and updating daily to meet your needs. We would be happy if more and more people could easily use our service every day.”, according to Mr. Tahara Masaki, AEON Online General Manager.  

Mr. Tahara Masaki, AEON Online General Manager

AEON Cambodia first established its business extension into e-commerce as “AEON Online” in 2019, given there is a strong global market trend in online shopping, as well as blossoming era of digitalization in emerging market like Cambodia.

Ever since the launch, there was a strong growth in demand. Customers have constantly shown an enormous amount of supports to our convenient online shopping experience.

Through the lens of current modern fast-paced lifestyle during Covid-19 pandemic, along with technology advancement and internet connection cross-country, these factors heavily encourage AEON to expand current new service as Nationwide Delivery.

To make your fist order, customers can access via AEON Online website: www.aeononlineshopping.com

For more information, please contact:

Facebook Page: AEON Online Cambodia

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +855 81/86 760 761

Welcome to new look of AEON Online Website

With the growth of demand and more support from customers to purchase via online during this pandemic era, AEON Online has developed and updated its new interface which has been launched on 10th October 2021 to fulfill customers’ needs and experience in shopping more than 10 000 SKUs on the platform.

On this occasion of launching, customers will get many special offers such as free and fast delivery for every purchase from 20$ by using promo code “AEONMARKETPLACE” with 3$ value. On the other hand, this platform is also a place which allows partners and other companies to sell their products as well as services.

In addition, customers will receive many special discounts on many products; especially, daily usage item that is an AEON’s private brand, such as Home Coordy, iC and TopValu.

This website has been developed using the latest technology with a faster speed, safe, more functions, and clear product photo to fulfill customers’ need.

AEON Online has been created since 2019 by AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. Currently, AEON Online has been expanding by introducing its new look of the new platform and the process of developing its own Mobile Application (App) in the near future to make it more convenience for customers.

To explore this new website interface, go to www.aeononlineshopping.com

More info:
Phone: 081 760761
Email: [email protected]