Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival


Chinese Hungry Ghost is coming soon, have you prepared something for praying?

Special promotions from AEON for Chinese Hungry Ghost such as: Incense, candles, Joss paper, vegetables, Fish, meat, and many more.

👉Moreover, for pre-order of Whole Roast Pig, Roasted Duck, and Roast Duck Quitar will get special offers such as:

🛒Every pre-order on a 3kg Whole Roast Pig will get 2 bottles of Coca-Cola 1.5L with special discount.

🛒Every pre-order from 5 kg to 10 kg will get one roasted duck with special discount.

🛒Every pre-order on Roasted Duck will get one bottle of 1.5L Coca-Cola.

🛒Every pre-order on Roast Duck Quitar will get one bottle of 1.5L Coca-Cola.

This offer is valid from 31st July to 30th August 2023. Available at three branches of AEON (AEON Phnom Penh store, AEON Sen Sok City store, and AEON Mean Chey store).

Thank you for shopping with AEON. 

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