50th Anniversary of AEON’s Private Brands, TOPVALU!


With steadily great support from many customers, AEON’s private brand, TOPVALU Brand has been locally and globally operated in the market for 50 years.

TOPVALU is a private brand developed by AEON, initially launched in 1974 and renamed TOPVALU in 2000. With great success in Japan, TOPVALU has been expanded into the global market and imported into Cambodia’s Market for almost a decade since 2014. 

TOPVALU, mainly focused on quality and low price, safety, and value of products, offers a wide range of product categories from dry and fresh food, household commodities, cosmetics, beauty care, etc., with strict Japanese standards and monitoring systems to impress customers’ expectation in a perfect simple daily lifestyle. 

AEON has built the achievement of TOPVALU brand over the past 50 years by developing products with the collaboration of customers’ voices and strict quality standards with the philosophy “to make customers’ daily lives more enjoyable.” Therefore, TOPVALU quickly became the leading private brand in Japan in both sales and customer loyalty.

In 2024, while TOPVALU Brand celebrates its 50th Year Anniversary, AEON (CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD also celebrates it from 17th to 28th April 2024. During the anniversary, AEON (CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD will have a TOPVALU Fair with special offers on selected categories namely, food, non-food, apparel, cosmetics, and household. 

In addition to TOPVALU Fair with product discounts, the customers also enjoy other promotions such as: 

AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd, one of the largest retailers, imported TOPVALU Brand into Cambodia’s Market in 2014. Under the subsidiary of AEON Group, based in Japan, AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. is committed to “customer first” and has its core principles of achieving harmony, stability, and social peace through its business.
Aeon Cambodia Co., Ltd. has gained a lot of customer trust and has expanded its business presence in many businesses such as general stores, supermarkets, small shops (AEON MaxValu), and online businesses (AEON Online), AEON Specialty Store and AEON Exclusive Brands (TOPVALU, Home Coordy, IC Inner casual Store, Kids Republic Store, AEON Pharmacy, AEON Bicycle Shop, AEON Bakery, AEON Store, DAISO Japan and Topware) offer over 10,000 items ranging from food. Daily necessities, clothing, household items (including bedroom and bathroom accessories), sports equipment, medicine, and cosmetics.

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